Family adventure

Having an adventure with your children is simply priceless. All you have to do is showing up – we take care of the rest. We have child size gear to welcome even smallest members of the family. And to support you further we offer permanent discounts when you book children or family tickets.
All the tours we offer in this category can be perfectly suited to your family’s needs.
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89.00 CHF-TŐL

Családi Canyoning

Szint: Felfedezni a kanyoning

 Időtartam: 2 óra
Terület: Tenero - Locarno
 Max. csoportméret: 16
 Max. Ugrás: 8 m

 Családbarát: 5 éves kor felett
 Elérhetőség: Naponta, áprilistól novemberig
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