Safety First – ISO 21101 Certified

KYC - Know Your Customer

We try to get to know you a little bit before and during the trip to create a personal connection and to understand what motivates you and how can we adjust the trip to your needs

Passion and Professionalism


Certified safety concept

Our company gets inspected and audited every year by SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA.

We created and run a safety system and procedures that take into consideration all possible scenarios and possibilities that can happen during our programs.

Qualified and dedicated guides

We are passionate about what we do and strive to offer you the best outdoor experience, be it canyoning, rock climbing or a simple trekking. 

Our guides all hold Swiss and international guide licences and fully trained in handling rescue scenarios.

Certified and professional equipment

We only use quality gear which is regularly maintained and replaced. 

We have daily inspection procedures in place to make sure that you every day get an unquestionably safe gear for you adventure.

Continuous training and development

As part of our safety concept and personal interest we constantly learn and improve ourselves and our procedures to provide you the safest and most fun outdoor activities .

Small groups and personal attention

We focus on giving you the best experience possible – starting from the first contact. We give you personal advice on which trip would fit you appetite for adventure and how to prepare for for it. We take the time to explain the details, to encourage you and to make sure that you feel the safest possible at all times.  

Challenge by choice

All our programs – by their nature – involve a certain amount of risk and challenge. We will always offer you choices that you can choose from to avoid pushing you too far. 

See You Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

In case of an incident

During the programs our guides do everything they can to keep you safe, but incidents can happen and there is always a certain amount of risk and we need to prepare for that. In case the incident happens in a place from where we cannot make the rescue  we will contact REGA and ask for a rescue.

We recommend that anyone who’s doing canyoning with us should sign up  with Rega, before coming on a tour. The contribution is really small (40 CHF / Year)  for a service that can and do saves lives.  

What is Rega?

Rega provides its members with emergency medical assistance by air. They operate helicopter and air-ambulances with qualified and experienced staff to carry out complicated rescue operations. They are a privately run, non-profit foundation whose only mission is the safe rescue of those in distress.

Rega is funded by its members. In return, they waive the costs of rescue missions carried out for their members in the event your insurance company are not liable to pay.