Boggera Helicanyoning

LEVEL: Expert Canyoning



gopro rental

Tour summary

 Duration: 6-7hours
Area: Bellinzona-Biasca
 Maximum group size: 8
 Max. Jump: 18 m
 Min age: 16+

 Availability: Daily, May to October
 Max abseil 40m – previous experience required
 Helicopter included

The Heli-Canyoning trip is one of the best canyoning tours that exists. It’s long version of the beginner tour with countless jumps and slides and abseils. Obviously we counted them….We start with a short and spectacular helicopter flight from the airport in Lodrino and quickly reach our landing spot at Sasso Bianco (1100 m). During the flight you’ll already have the chance to check out the canyon and get a feeling of what’s coming. We quickly reach our starting point and from there on it’s a long and continuous adrenaline hunt. Jumps from all sorts of heights and positions, slides up to 20m and almost vertical, abseils in cave like potholes and big opens. This tour is one of the most famous among all the canyoneers in the world. The actual time in-canyon is about 6-7 hours.

Previous experience is needed! Please contact us if you have any doubts!

  • Certified guide
  • 2 piece – 5mm – wetsuit with hood
  • neoprene socks and special canyoning shoes
  • Certified canyoning gear, harness, helmet
  • Optional pick-up at a train station
  • Snacks and drinks at the end of the tour

Make sure that you have your experience recorded!

  • buy a photo package : your guide will take pictures of you and makes sure that all epic moments of your trip are recorded.
  • rent a GoPro : we can provide a GoPro 8 actioncam that you can use throughout the trip to film the most exciting moments that you live with your friends
  • bring your own action camera with a helmet attachment

Note: we do not take any responsibility for your camera and we do not reccomend any handheld cameras that could get lost or damaged during the trip.

You need to be sporty, being able to manage the cold for 6-7 hours or more, being able to jump 10 m without problem,feeling very comfortable hanging on the rope at the height of 40m, and be absolutely free from vertigo. Minimum age 16 years.
  • Swimming suit and towel
  • Synthetic or merino sports underwear if you get cold easily.
  • Spare contact lenses or straps for your glasses. 
  • Any personal medications such as asthma spray, epi-pen, or allergy medication
  • Notify your guide about your medical condition.
Usual departure times: 9:00from June to September. Flexible departure times in April-May and October
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