Sporty Canyoning

Are you keen to push yourself further? Did you have some canyoning experience already or are you a climber/caver? Want to jump bigger or feel how is to be hanging 40m above the pool?
Check out one of these trips!

Intermediate Canyoning

FROM CHF 199.00

 Duration: 4-5hours
Area: Bellinzona-Biasca
 Maximum group size: 8
 Max. Jump: 14 m
 Min. age: 14+

 Availability: Daily, May to October
 Max abseil: 40m – previous experience recommended
 Acquatic canyon – only good swimmers

Intermediate Canyoning

FROM CHF 159.00

 Duration: 3-4hours
Area: Biasca
 Maximum group size: 8

 Max. Jump: 14 m
 Children with experience: age 14+
 Availability: Daily, April to November