Canyoning courses

Canyoning courses

Independent canyoneer

Do you want to learn canyoning? Do you want understand the different rope techniques? Do you want to organise your own trips? Then you come to the right place! 

We offer canyoning courses for those who fell in love with canyoning and want to take it to the next level.

There are different options, locations  and schedules but our mission is to spread the canyoning bug, so you can be sure that we’ll find a solution that fits your budget and schedule.

We organise in-house trainings at our base in Ticino and also we can organise a canyoning holiday where we stay at the same campsite/apartman and immerse in canyoning for a week. 

canyoning Holidays

Ticino – Lago di Garda – Corsica – Sardegna – Mallorca – Pyrenees – Haute Alpes – Dolomites – Slovenia

We are happy to organise a canyoning holiday for you and your friends in Ticino or any of other spectacular canyoning destinations listed above.  We have local knowledge and can help you with organising accommodation, restaurants and obviously organising your canyoning tours.

get the basics

Our first level 3-day course is about understanding the basics of canyoning, getting to know the equipment we use and why we use them, getting familiar with basic rope techniques and knots, understanding the basics of organization and planning of canyoning trips including weather patterns, water levels, guidebooks and above all risk management and making the GO/NO GO decision. 

The course includes: 

  • at least 3 canyoning trips and dry training on a bridge or a rock climbing wall.
  •  all necessary canyoning and rescue equipment
  • printed theory material

Price: CHF750 per person (CHF 600 with own equipment)


Go for more

We offer 5-day and 7-day packages as well. During these days we basically teach you how plan a full canyoning holiday and we extend our technical knowledge, learning advanced rope techniques, rescue techniques and going for the more complex and difficult canyons.

The course includes: 

  • at least 5-7 canyoning trips and dry training on a bridge or a rock climbing wall.
  • all necessary canyoning and rescue equipment
  • printed theory material


5-day course CHF1250 per person (CHF 1000 with own equipment)

7-day course CHF1550 per person (CHF 1200 with own equipment)

Important - Insurance requirements and recommendations

During our courses we follow the standard recommendations and guidelines of the following professional associations: CIC – Commission Internationale de Canyon and the SOA – Swiss Outdoor Association, which leave almost no chance for accidents. 

The participants during course are fully responsible for their own actions or inactions and the consequences of these during the course and they are required to have an accident insurance that covers canyoning accidents. Since we usually work in a group during a course it is also recommended to have a liability insurance that covers harms and damages caused to others by negligence. 

Ticino Outdoor provides a full liability insurance cover for those incidents that could have been caused by the action or inaction of the instructor.

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