Canyoning rental

Canyoning rental

canyoning equipment rental

You are entitled for a 20% discount on the rental prices if you did a canyoning course with us or you’re a returning customer.

Our equipment providers are Seland, Edelrid, Canyonzone, Decathlon.

Quality and SAFETY

In our canyoning equipment rental service we rent the same quality gear for you that we use ourselves on our guided tours and for ourselves as well.

Tips for rental:

  • Make sure you know what you are doing – choose your trip conservatively and do not hesitate to ask for our advice! 
  • Make sure you book your equipment in advance.
  • Know your sizes – height, weight, shoe size
  • Ask for pickup options – you can pickup your rental gear at our base in Sementina, near the canyon or even in Lugano
  • Have some cash ready for deposit
  • inform yourself well about the weather
  • get the topo for the corresponding canyon
  • clarify the water level – and call the info line!
  • bring enough drinks and snacks with you
  • most importantly: know your limits!

It can be lifesaving to know the following numbers – the emergency services for Switzerland are as follows:

  • REGA Helicopter: 1414
  • Mountain rescue: 144
  • Police: 117 
If you have any doubts, ask for a private guide or supervised canyoning service!

The standard canyoning rental set consists of the following:

  • Certified mountaineering helmet (Edelrid)
  • Seland 2-piece 5mm wetsuit with a hood
  • Edelrid canyoning harness with 2 lanyards
  • Figure of eight with a carabiner
  • Adidas canyoning shoe with 5mm neoprene socks

Our rental prices:

  • Full set – CHF 50 per day
  • Wetsuit rental only CHF 30/ day
  • Harness CHF 20 /day
  • Helmet/Backpack CHF10 /day
  • Shoes CHF 20 /day

Deposit:  CHF 200 paid in cash at the time of the rental

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