Boggera Family Canyoning

LEVEL: Family Canyoning


4 hours

gopro rental

Tour Summary

 Duration: 3-4hours
Area: Bellinzona-Biasca
 Maximum group size: 8
 Max. Jump: 6 m

 Family friendly: age 6+
 Availability: Daily, April to November
 Picnic option
 All weather canyon 

Boggera Family canyoning is one of the best canyoning fun Ticino can offer. You can be sure that your family will have the best time enjoying  splashing in the emerald pools or throwing themselves of the cliffs while shouting “Geronimoooooo!”. It offers all sort of  jumps  from 1-10 m, several slides and beautiful abseils in waterfalls as well. Everything is optional we can always choose to use the rope instead of a jump or simply  walk around an obstacle.

On this program the main focus is to have fun together, to engage all the family members in this exciting activity while respecting the personal limits, especially for the children. And we also offer the possibility to challenge their limits for those who feel ready for it!

Safety is always the most important thing on a canyoning trip but even more on a family canyoning tour. We take our time explain and understand what and how it needs to be done and always provide a backup when there’s a risk involved.

As  a family canyoning tour – we always adjust the daily program to your family’s needs.

If you are looking for something a bit more challenging then go for the full featured Boggera canyoning trip or have a look at the Iragna Beginner Canyoning tour or if you want to push your limits then the Iragna canyoning tour.

  • Certified guide
  • 2 piece – 5mm – wetsuit with hood
  • neoprene socks and special canyoning shoes
  • Certified canyoning gear, harness, helmet
  • Optional pick-up at a train station

Make sure that you have your experience recorded!

  • buy a photo package : your guide will take pictures of you and makes sure that all epic moments of your trip are recorded.
  • rent a GoPro : we can provide a GoPro 8 actioncam that you can use throughout the trip to film the most exciting moments that you live with your friends
  • bring your own action camera with a helmet attachment

Note: we do not take any responsibility for your camera and we do not reccomend any handheld cameras that could get lost or damaged during the trip.

  • Swimming suit and towel
  • Synthetic or merino sports underwear if you get cold easily.
  • Spare contact lenses or straps for your glasses.
  • Any personal medications such as asthma spray, epi-pen, or allergy medication
  • Notify your guide about any medical condition that influences your movement or a chronic illness.
Usual departure times: 9:00 and 14:00 in high season
Flexible departure times from February – April and October – November
or in case of group booking.
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