Ticino canyoning is simply the best canyoning Switzerland can offer. Sunshine, green pools, white polished rock, huge jumps and endless slides wait for you.  It’s Mother Nature’s own aquapark that opens for us.

Intermediate Canyoning

FROM CHF 199.00

 Duration: 4-5hours
Area: Bellinzona-Biasca
 Maximum group size: 8
 Max. Jump: 14 m
 Min. age: 14+

 Availability: Daily, May to October
 Max abseil: 40m – previous experience recommended
 Acquatic canyon – only good swimmers

Intermediate Canyoning

FROM CHF 159.00

 Duration: 3-4hours
Area: Biasca
 Maximum group size: 8

 Max. Jump: 14 m
 Children with experience: age 14+
 Availability: Daily, April to November